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Our Donors and Contributors


Alternative Futures would not have been possible without the generous support of our donors. We are grateful for your endorsement of this project from the inception.

Interviewees and Contributors

The colour and clarity of this Alternative Futures project would not have been possible without the enthusiastic participation of many extraordinary Vancouverites. Many thanks to the people and organizations below who have given us their time, thoughts, support and colourful artwork.

  • Michael Audain, Chairman, Polygon Homes
  • Gerard Barcelon, student, Vancouver Film School
  • Ian Bateson, Baseline Type & Graphics Cooperative
  • BC Studies, The British Columbian Quarterly
  • Marilyn Bell, neighbour of Davis Property Heritage Conversion
  • Lance Berelowitz, urban design consultant, Urban Design Associates
  • Robert Brown, developer, Chesterman Properties
  • Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
  • Christina Chu, student, Vancouver Film School
  • Patrick Condon, UBC professor, James Taylor Chair in Landscape and Liveable Environments
  • Norm Connolly, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp
  • Mike Dalawrack, green construction expert
  • John Davis, resident of Davis Property Heritage Conversion
  • Dunbar Seniors Housing Association
  • Flora Fang, student, Vancouver Film School
  • Carol Frketich, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp.
  • Councillor Jim Green, Ph.D.
  • Liam Greig, student, Vancouver Film School
  • Cheeying Ho, Executive Director, SmartGrowth BC
  • Brandon Hwang, student, Vancouver Film School
  • Jane Jacobs, author
  • Tony Ke, instructor, Vancouver Film School
  • David Lach, Baseline Type & Graphics Cooperative
  • Tom Laviolette, Manager, Portland Hotel Society
  • Raymond Lo, student, Vancouver Film School
  • Don Mick, resident, Washington Hotel
  • Linda Mix, Executive Director, Tenant’s Rights Action Coalition
  • Glen Mullaly, illustrator
  • Cameron Muir, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp
  • Philip Owen, former mayor of Vancouver 1993-2002
  • David Penfold, student, Vancouver Film School
  • Gordon Price, former Vancouver city councillor 1986-2002
  • Moura Quayle, Dean of Agricultural Sciences, UBC
  • Andy Ramlo, resident of Kitsilano Multiplex Suites
  • Bob Ransford, public affairs consultant, Counterpoint Communications
  • Paul Rivoche, illustrator
  • Laurie & Nic Roggeman, residents of Maple Street Coach House
  • Jimmy Simpson, resident, Sunrise Hotel
  • SmartGrowth BC
  • Ken Steacy, illustrator
  • Tenant’s Rights Action Coalition
  • Gesvyn Tjandra, student, Vancouver Film School
  • Heather Tremaine, resident of Koo’s Corner Commercial Conversion
  • Urban Futures Inc.
  • Washington Association of Realtors
  • Andrew Ware, Baseline Type & Graphics Cooperative
  • Tracy Wells, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp.
  • Henning Wulff, architect

A special note of thanks goes to the staff of the City of Vancouver and the Greater Vancouver Regional District who have provided many of the documents and links that illuminate the complex issues discussed on this website.