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Welcome to the Future!

We hope you’ll explore this site as you would explore an exciting new city, with intrigue and mystery around every corner.

Housing issues are a pre-eminent concern of civic politics. The Vancouver City Planning Commission wants to widen and democratize the debate about housing by making information and analysis available to citizens. We hope this perspective will build understanding – and provoke action! – to find solutions to our housing challenges.

Who might find this site useful? Some users might be angry about a particular housing development, others might see surprising changes in their neighbourhood and want to understand what they’re all about. This site is one way to engage our concerns about housing in the city. We believe that citizens do want to put their hand in, be heard, and challenge the status quo. Alternative Futures provides venues and ways to get involved. Dive in and take part!

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An enormous range of citizens, including developers, academics, former politicians, consultants, planners, and residents of the city from Shaughnessey to the Downtown Eastside have volunteered to make this project happen. There’s been a great deal of community support. The fact that this website is fun, interactive and full of important information is testimony to their diverse interests and their commitment to civic discussion.

Members of the Alternative Futures Sub-Committee who have volunteered their time to make the magic of this website come together:

  • Chris Bouris, digital media consultant
  • Helen Goodland, architect and Senior Advisor for the GVRD Sustainable Buildings Program
  • Ned Jacobs, writer and planning critic
  • Michael Mortensen, writer and planner, City of Vancouver
  • Pat St. Michel, planner, City of Vancouver
  • With special thanks to the Manager of the VCPC, Mr. Robert Buller.

Financial support for this project has been provided by:

  • Real Estate Foundation of BC
  • City of Vancouver
  • VanCity

We are extremely grateful for their willingness to imagine the future and understand the potential of this project.

Alternative Futures would not have been possible without the enthusiastic participation of many extraordinary Vancouverites listed on our Contributors and Donors page.