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Can I enter the competition more than once?
You’re welcome to enter as many times as you like, however you must pay the $25 registration fee for each entry and provide all of the required information separately for each individual entry.

Why have a competition if you don’t plan to implement the ideas?
The intention of the competition is to generate interest in public spaces in Vancouver. The Vancouver City Planning Commission aims to promote the value of public realm planning and programming throughout the city, and to encourage stewardship of Vancouver’s public places and spaces. Although we can't guarantee that any of the projects will be carried out, the Vancouver City Planning Commission will facilitate meetings between winning entrants and city officials and planners responsible for the site of the idea.

Can you give me more details on what I/we have to submit?
In order for the review committee to most fairly judge the entries, and to facilitate display of the winners at the end of the competition, we have set some basic rules and guidelines for submitting your ideas.

Entries MUST:

  • be submitted on the two foam core panels provided in the registration package
  • abide by competition rules to keep entrants’ identity secret

Entries MAY:

  • be done by hand or using computer tools
  • be in colour or black and white
  • include graphics, sketches, photos, descriptions, etc.